Homecoming Weekend of October 27, 2018

Thirty-Fifth Reunion

45th Reunion
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35th Reunion


Here's to 35 Great More Years!

35 Years Later and Everything is Still Groovy!

Photo's from Friday night's Drop-In. If you missed it, wow that's too bad, we had a great time!!!

Saturday's Reunion Pictures are coming soon. Come back to see photo's and video. See excerpts of the Mike & Bob Show. See a PHS & Muir alumnus get mushy on stage. And see the "Wild & Crazy" Pat Daugherty at her best!

For those that attended, your memory books will be sent to you soon.
For those who weren't able to attend, but would like to own a copy of the memory, boy, do we have a deal for you! For the the mere cost of $25.00 (includes shipping) you can have your own copy of the memory book. Contact us to learn how.


Alumni Singing the Muir School Song
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The Class Reunion with "Class" - Mustangs, Bulldogs  and Vikings United!


Thank you Gary Moody our Announcer and DJ

With apologies to husbands or wives, girlfriends or boyfriends whose names weren't on our list, we want to acknowledge everyone that attended either the Drop-In or Dinner/Dance. If we missed your name let us know so that we can add you to the honored list!
Here are the names of those who attended this weekend.
We appreciate your support and thank you for joining us this weekend!

With a special thanks to the Alumnus of Blair and PHS
who have now blazed a trail for others to follow.
Alumnui United!

Doreen (Matsumoto) Ono
Nancy (McCoy) Erickson
Ruth (Nelson) Stewart
Jimmie Andrews
Michael Oliver Armstrong
Pat Ballard
Marlene Bevans
Bob Bilhiemer
Elzennia Brown
Karla Bullock
Karen Canady
Chris Carpenter
Wylda Cottrell
Dennis Daugherty
Pat Daugherty
Roslyn Delmar
Darlene Devine
Roger Ellison
Sam Estrada
Art Finta
Harold Flint
Stephanie Franklin
Maria Frias
Gary & Eva Ganibi
Steve Garcia
Rhonda Gray
Patti Harden
Sheila Harris-Humdy
Diane Harrison
Cheryl Harwood
Ann Hickambottom
Ann Houston
Julius Johnson
Avis Kawahara
Bernice King
Bill Knowles
Pat Lee
Greg & Yolanda Lee
Rick Livermore
David Lloyd
Mary Lopez
Tommye & Butch Martin
Jim McCloud
Hazel McFadden
Melvin Mercer
Diane Mims
Cynthia & Greg Middleton
Frances Moody
Susan Morris
Alan & Annie Murray
Carolyn Norman
Jay Ornellas
Jean Prinz
Becky Sanders
Rachelle Sasser
Norniece Smith
Brenda Stocks
Yolanda Straughter
Mark Swedlow
Devera Tett-Johnson
Samual & Laneea Tolley
Allen Traylor
Ann Waddel
Debra Wade
Donna Wakano
Roland Wiley