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Email us and tell us what's happened since graduation! To update us or just to let us know you visited. Below are alumni who have taken the time to let everyone know "What's been happening since graduation" (published in order received).
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Charles Hofgaarden Alexa (Sapp) Waarbroek
Benny Bohm Jeffrey G. Smetherman
Trudy (Hetherington) Lamont Michael Oliver Armstrong
Phyllis (Berndes) Dahl Charles Curtis Moore
Joel Hale James Henderson
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Riea (Terry) Owens Gini (Lloyd) Downing Gini (Lloyd) Downing
Linda (Wise) Bryant Dennis Daugherty 
Richard Okumoto Barry Galef 
Julie (Morrison) Dawson Susan (Macabitas) Lee 
Cynthia Jo (Jackson) Middleton Jim McCloud 

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Salaam Allah (John Lowry) Kathleen M. Dunham Kathleen M. Dunham
Marjorie Charles Rudy Saulter Rudy Saulter
Matt Runnels Robert Franklin
Ann Watkins Pat Dougherty Pat Dougherty 
Robert Aicher

Deirdre Ware Deirdre (Darrow) Ware
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Robert D. McBee John Greenway John Greenway
Linda Jankins Linda Jankins Larry Burton
Susan Hubert Susan Hubert Jerome Walters
Patricia (Parker) Mott Patricia (Parker) Mott Joan Gally
Rick Livermore Rick Livermore Linda (Stahl) Cofsky

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Elzennia Brown  Hal G. Webber Jr.
Nancy (Hoggan) Diamant Robert Okumura
Brynn (Dreyer) Matsen Renee Link
Cathlyne (Pyle) Talevich Lauren Green
Kris (Holmelund) Dallimore James David Jones

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Cathy Yamashina Beverly Ann (Potter) Norton
Rosemary S. (Sange) Sakaja Nancy Spangler
Arthur A. Finta Marcia Schreiber
Frank McCoy Dawn (Holmes) Clark-Dorris
Mike Nishiyama

In Memory of Bernice King

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Mark Swedlow Ted Meyer
Bill Knowles Larry Cochran
R-lene de Lang Michael Porter
Rufus McKinney, Jr. Nancy Spangler
Lutherine Forks Nawili (Lavett Griffin)

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 Marie Gary Cashion  
  Katie (Bagenski) Wood  
Valliere Richard Auzenne  
Ron Uyematsu  
Linda (Witzig) Cooper