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Hal G. Webber Jr.
San Dimas, CA

Posted 04/16/01
 After graduation, I hitchhiked around California. When I returned to Pasadena, I took a Stage class at PCC. The teacher there was my old stage teacher from Muir. He sent me down to the Union and I became a Stagehand-Electrician. I met my wife at PCC and we dated for 12 years. We married and moved to Washington state where we lived for a year. We then moved to Nevada and stayed 6 months. We returned to our roots here and have been married 14 years. We have a 7 yr-old son who has just started Little League. We are now living in San Dimas.

Robert Okumura
Issaquah, Washington

Visited 04/04/2001
Bio to follow...

Renee (Link) Efker
Alhambra, CA

Posted 08/02/2003
Hi! I went to PCC after graduation. Then in '71 got married to Peter(he went to St. Francis), we have been married for 32 years now and have 5 wonderful children - Christina 31, Mark 30, Rick 29, Catherine 24, Caralyn 20 and 2 grandchildren, Gianna 2 and Jacob 4 months. We own a small business in Pasadena, but live in Alhambra.

Lauren Green
Bartlesville, OK

Posted 09/21/2003
I received a Bachelorís and Masterís Degree in music from the University of Redlands, majoring in cello and conducting. In 1977 I did something I thought Iíd never doóI moved to Bartlesville, OK to undertake my first (and only) full time college teaching job, along with a parallel position conducting the local symphony. I said Iíd try it for a year or two. The teaching job lasted only 10 years, but the symphony position still goes on, and I find myself in my 27th season at the helm of the Bartlesville Symphony, a surprising orchestra in a surprising town of which few out California way have heard.
In 1982 I married a young lady from Michigan (who had actually been my student). We are still married and together Juanita and I currently enjoy the trials and tribulations of Daniel, 16 and Elizabeth, 18. Juanita taught music in the public schools until 1999, when she changed careers and became a pharmaceutical representative for Sepracor, Inc. If the FDA cooperates and the companyís new medication is rolled out as scheduled, she will be the companyís Central Nervous System Specialist for this part of the state beginning early 2004. Currently she specializes in the respiratory area.
In addition to my symphony conducting, Iíve also kept busy in a number of ways, including several years as the Music Director of a commercial classical radio station in Tulsa, 12 years as the Director of Music Ministries at a large local United Methodist church, and currently as the Laboratory Manager of a wonderfully unique company, 21st Sensory, Inc. We provide descriptive analyses for major food manufacturers around the world. It has been a fun change to develop the nonmusical side of my life. www.21stsensory.com
Distance and timing have always precluded my attendance at anything past our 10th class reunion, but I certainly would enjoy hearing from anyone.
www.laurengreen.com Click "Meet Lauren Green" for a more-showbiz bio

James David Jones
Nitro, West Virginia

Posted 11/03/03
I decided to finish college after 30 years. Received a Bachelor's in Social Work. Currently work with the elderly and impaired population and enjoying it. Two great "children" Connie 28 and Michael 16 and one grandchild, Coral, 9 months. Hope to relocate to the west as soon as possible to be closer to my children.