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Cathy Yamashina
Alhambra, CA

Posted 02/25/2004
Married and divorced...

Rosemary S. (Sange)
Nairobi, Kenya

Posted April 17, 2004
Was at John Muir High as an American Field Service Student together with Maggie Gallaraga who was from Mexico (where is she now?). On return home, finished high school, got married, and graduated from University in 1978. Worked for the Ministry of Finance, during which did post graduate studies in Development Finance - 1987/88. Changed jobs in 1991 when I left the civil service to work for a commercial bank. In between became a mother to two handsome boys and a lovely girl! In 2000 left the bank to start own business. Since then running a tax consultancy and a communications bureau in Nairobi.

Arthur A. Finta
Las Vegas, NV

Posted May 13, 2004
After graduation, did not marry, but had a great son, Steven. I spent 15 years working for Bank of America. What a waste of time that was. The only good times, were the vacations. Ya... Worked for Citi Bank (4years). Bigger waste of time. The "Bank" things had to go. Got smart and moved to Las Vegas. If you can say that was a smart move. Became a private collection agent for several large hotels. Got married for real. Why? I still do not know! But out of every bad deal there is a good deal. My wife had two great kids. I helped. The two are still thinking of me as an "ATM" machine. My son Steven (32) is waiting for me in a better place. Katalin Victoria (20) is at NAU and Elizabeth Anne (17) is at Scripps Art Institute. I love to travel and see everything that is out there. Time is so short. My youngest says, "I live on the edge, because I don't want to take up too much space". The older I get, the more I think she is right. I visit So Cal every now and then. The only part I really miss is the ocean, especially Seal Beach, and of course Sierra Madre (my home of 15 years). I am looking forward to seeing everyone who will be at the 35th. It will be interesting, since the last time I saw many of you was at the 20th reunion.

Frank McCoy
Raleigh, NC

Posted Sept. 30, 2004
I was looking at one of those annoying "locate your classmates" pop-ups in my browser and on an impulse decided to Google John Muir High School. The pictures and bios brought back a lot of memories. Band, the drums, Turkey Tussle. The In Memoriam for John Zweers also pointed out what other bios say, life is short. Make it sweet.

35 years in a nutshell: Went to PCC, tried a lot of jobs in a very short period that I definitely know I never want to do again, got a gig at JPL with the space program. Moved that experience, and job, up to Mountain View, CA, at NASA Ames. More night-school at San Jose State. Somewhere along that timeline my private nickname, "Spank," stuck in public and that's how I am called, Spank McCoy, yesiree.

The NASA experience translated nicely to high-tech in Silicon Valley, where valley startup opportunities kept me connected with computers, networks, and communications. After "the big one" (Loma Prieta quake '89) seriously thought about living elsewhere. Elsewhere is now Raleigh. Married 20 years. No kids. Our current dog population is 5, all strays and rescues. Still working, still in high-tech, still in computers, networks, and communications.

Thanks to everyone who offered a still-life snapshot of what they've been up to since the latter quarter of last century!

Mike Nishiyama
Foster City, CA

Posted 10/23/04
After the 50th Birthday Cruise, Bob Aicher and I tried to take our "Mike and Bob" show on the road. But after no one came to see us in Bakersfield, Visalia or Turlock, we have both returned to our law practices. We thank all of our fans from the cruise for their ongoing love and support, and we will try to stage a comeback in August 05.