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Beverly Ann (Potter) Norton
Altadena, CA

Posted 10/24/04
Hello Fellow Muir Alumni! Just happen to be online and found our class website. I remained here in Altadena-Pasadena after graduation. I've been doing my part to educate our kids in Pasadena, doing a job I've loved for almost 30 years; driving a school bus. I've had the pleasure of driving some of my classmates children, and grandchildren. I've been married for 27 years. I have 3 kids Ericka 26, Erik23, Erin 15. My OP's baby and eight Grandchildren who I love very much!
I came to our 30th year reunion and had a very nice time! So please keep me in mine for the gathering for the 35th. Once a Muir-rite always Muir-rite! Go Mustangs!

Nancy Spangler
San Francisco, CA

Posted 03/05/05
Oh, I have so much to tell but I'm on the phone with Marcia...


Marcia Schreiber
Pasadena, CA


Posted 04/175/05
Will update all ya'll soon as I have much to tell, but I'm on the phone with Nancy...

Dawn (Holmes) Clark-Dorris
Temple City, CA

Posted 04/15/05
Never left the San Gabriel Valley. Married, looking forward to retirement next June.
Through extended marriage, 7 children, 10 grandchildren....youngest daughter
(24 years) to be married this October, last child left home at age 26, yippie,
need to retire and move quick before one of the kids finds their way back home....
Love to garden, go to our desert hideaway and quilt. Life is good....