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Ted Meyer
Escondido, CA

After graduation, I wandered off to SC thinking I wanted to be a professional trombone player – discovered I was wrong and took a “practical” degree in Medieval Japanese History instead. Stanford offered to pay for grad school, so I took them up on it and eventually returned to L.A. with a Masters in International Communications. This lead to a 20-year career in advertising, with lots of Japanese clients. I met my future wife while introducing Mitsubishi Motors to the US, and we both enjoyed living in Europe for four years while I ran Nissan’s car & truck advertising for 24 countries. Twenty years of advertising seemed like enough, so we came “home” (to South Carolina at least) where I picked up a teaching credential (while learning to translate “Southern”) and started a new career as a high school music teacher. Along came a grandson, whose gravitational force brought us back to the West Coast. Not being able to face life in Orange County where he lives, we settled in Seattle but a couple of over-caffeinated years had us missing the sun, so we moved to sunny Escondido in north San Diego county where I took a job at Orange Glen High School. I’m still there after 11 years, and still loving life (yep, even as a high school teacher!). So yes, it has been a long strange trip, but it’s never been dull!

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, CA

Have my own business in Webtronics which include hardware and software for earthquake equipment and much more. Also work as an private software consultant. You can view this at www.webtronics.com

Michael Porter
Placerville, CA

Married my High School sweetheart, Genie Hunt. (Class of 1971). We lived in Oregon for many years, where our daughter Sarah was born. We then moved to San Diego and were blessed with our son James, how is now 26 years old. We are blessed with 4 grandchildren! In 2005 we decided to move to the mountains! We now live on 3 acres in Placerville, CA. I have been an RN for over 30 years now. I do case management for the injured worker. Very interesting work. Keeps me busy... too busy at times! We are planning on attending the 40th Class Reunion in August...Hope to see all of you then!!

Nancy Spangler
San Francisco, CA

Married to Eric Wildgrube. Two beloved children, Travis and Casey. Two adored dogs, Foxxy and Sarge. Visits to Twain Harte help keep our sanity at a manageable level. Volunteerism is a way of life...we would be rich if it paid but alas and alack.

John Muir High School imprinted a way of being that has never been compromised. My mother and father were responsible. I'm am indebted to all those who supported our fight for equality. You will never be forgotten, especially Mr. Albert Lowe, Vernon Jones, and Marge and Joe Wyatt. Keep fighting the good fight! Many thanks to all friends that did not abandon us.

With love and appreciation, Nancy Spangler

Nawili Gray
(Lavett Griffin)
Culver City, CA

Well, peace and greetings fellow Mustangs! After graduation I attended P.C.C. then transferred to U.C.L.A. My BA degree is in Philosophy and minor English. I began a business after college doing natural hair and began law school. Law school wasn't my cup of tea.
Skipping around and fast-forwarding I have two sons, Mosi (deceased at age eight) and Manu. I have taught elementary school and now teach at a charter school in Sherman Oaks. I am a certified yoga teacher for ten years now, and coach girl's varsity tennis. I teach urban/soul line dance and love it. I always had a lot of creative energy and that hasn't changed.

Peace and love, can't wait to raise the roof with the Mustang spirit!