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Marie (Gray) Cashion
San Diego, CA

Posted August 2010
I attended PCC after Muir and moved south to San Diego to attend SDSU where I majored in Spanish. I met my honey my last year of college and have been married for 33 years. I have three handsome sons, Eric(40), Nathan (28) and Andrew (27) and 1 step-grandson, Joe (22). I returned to school in '87 to get my teaching credential and masters and have been teaching Spanish for the last 20 years in both middle and high school in San Diego. I LOVE to travel, hang out with family and friends, and play in my garden. I'm looking forward to reconnecting at the 40th!

Katie (Bagenski) Wood
Rhinebeck, NY

Posted August 2013
It's wonderful to see everyone's photo, and read the biographies. What great lives we've been living!
After Muir I went to PCC, then transferred to City College of San Francisco. I eventually went to Humboldt State, and ultimately became an R.N. in New York in 1984.
I've traveled to India several times to study yoga, and volunteered as a nurse while there.
I love my family and friends who all live far and wide, which gives me the good fortune to travel and see them! I currently live in Florida near my mother who is great company, and other family that also live near by. I hope to attend the next (and my first) John Muir Reunion.. 2020..Golden!

Thanks again,
Katie Bagenski

Valliere Richard Auzenne
Tallahasee, FL

Posted October 2010
Attended PCC, then California College of Art (Oakland). Worked at the Oakland Museum for a few years then UC Berkley.  In 1985 I moved to Tallahassee, Fl. for graduate school. Never left. Completed my Ph.D. and was hired by the FSU Film School. I teach documentary filmmaking at Florida State University.  
YIKES!  Has it been that long?

Ron Uyematsu
Camarillo, CA

After graduation went to PCC and worked several odd jobs, just loving life. 1978 became a deputy sheriff for Los Angeles. Had several great jobs while a deputy. Met a wonderful woman at a church camp in Santa Cruz in 1980, got married in March 1982. Have 3 great adult kids. Tracey, Ryan and Lorin. Diagnosed with non Hodkins Lymphoma (B-cell) in 2004. In remission June 2006. July 2006, took up golf and loving every hack. Retired in March 2007. Shortly after retirement worked for Moorpark County Club as a Starter/Marshall for 1 1/2yrs. Great course. Now, volunteering at our church, Crossroads in Camarillo. Finished rebuilding our patio cover (a 6mos. project took 3yr.) and now started on the gazebo, volunteering ,golf and walking our Zoey.

After Muir, went into nurse's training in Ventura, CA. Worked as an R.N. full time before marriage, then part time after marriage (now married for 35 years) while raising our family. Retired from nursing after 31 years as a labor and delivery nurse. We've been in Oregon for 20 years this June. Have 20 acres with our own pasture fed cattle, raise chickens and eat lots of organic eggs, have two donkeys keeping down the brush, and four dogs. Best of all, we have 6 children; three by birth, three by adoption. Our two youngest Chinese daughters are still at home where I school them. Active in our church and in the adoption community. My priority outside our family life is promoting adoption. Hope to be informed of the next reunion, was only at the 20th which I enjoyed.