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Alexa (Sapp) Waarbroek
Glendora, Ca
Posted 09/19/2000  1970-Started employment with L.A. County
1977-Married Walter Waarbroek (who graduated from Saint Francis High School in La Canada and lived since elementary school 5 blocks from where I was raised in Altadena) and moved from Altadena/Pasadena to Glendora; 1979-Shane was born, he is currently in 4th year and living on campus at UCLA;1981-Brandon was born. He is currently in his 1st year and living on campus at Cal Poly Pomona; 1981-My husband died; At this time-Employed by L.A. County, Department of Public Social Services, LEADER Division in Norwalk; Living in Glendora.
Both children want to marry and have 4 or more children. Interesting from boys whose father died when they were very young. My mother still lives in Pasadena up the street from PHS; retired but back working part time; My father lives in Los Angeles, retired from the Los Angeles Police Department; Sister Lori who graduated from Muir in 1971, lives near Palm Springs, has a son Marcus; Brother Kris  lives in Page Arizona; My youngest sister, Lisa who went to PHS, lives in Pasadena, and has a son Travis; ALL BOYS. Still in contact in person, by phone or by email with David Richter, Brooks Hubbard (moved to Huntington Beach in 10th grade) and Faud Gammoh (moved to Newport Beach in 11th grade). See you all in 5 years at the 35th.

Jeffrey G. Smetherman
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Posted 10/02/2000  
I have lived in Rancho Cucamonga for 25 years, married a wonderful lady, Loretta. We have 2 boys, Jeffrey Arron and Brian Howard. We own a transportation company and have been involved in Trucking for 20 years.

Michael Oliver Armstrong
Los Angeles, Ca

Visited 09/18/01
Biographical info at a later date...

Charles Curtis Moore
San Pedro, Ca

Visited 09/19/02
Biographical info at a later date...

James Henderson
Altadena, Ca

Posted 09/01/2000
Loved Pasadena/Altadena so I never left. After Muir I attended the University of Colorado Blvd., otherwise known as PCC. Graduated and had planned to continue my education at Cal State L.A. when I got an offer I didn't refuse; Pacific Telephone (now Pacific Bell/SBC/AT&T). I applied for a summer job there in 1972 and 28 years later I'm still there. I am a Technical Manager and I support the computers that make your phone and the Internet work. If you have DSL in California, you can partly blame me for your sorrows. I have 2 grown & married kids. 4 grand kids. Unfortunately, I missed our tenth year reunion and part of the 20. I made it a mission not to miss the 30th. Saw a lot of old friends there. It was great. Hope to see more classmates at the 35th!!!