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Riea (Terry) Owens
Pasadena, Ca

Posted 12/20/2000
Biographical info at a later date...

Linda (Wise) Bryant
Eugene, Or

Posted 02/20/02
Very happily divorced mother of 4, 6 wonderful grandchildren. I work in the grocery business and have lived in Oregon for 22 years.

Julie (Morrison) Dawson
Avondale, Az

Graduated from CSULA with a BA in vocal performance and promptly went to work for Bank of America. Been in the financial business off and on since then. Married for 17 years to my soul-mate, Edd (yes, with 2 "d"s). Currently in Arizona and loving it - working as a Director at Vital Processing Services the, "world's recognized leader in technology-based commerce enabling services." We process electronic (credit card, debit card, EBT) transactions for financial institutions like Bank of America, Wells Fargo...

Richard Okumoto
Los Gatos, CA
Will Update Soon!

Cynthia Jo (Jackson) Middleton
Altadena, CA
Posted 10/21/2000
Began working in the Insurance field in 1971; married since 1984, hubby is in Real Estate; have a 28 yr old son and a 15 yr old daughter, no grandchildren yet; had fun at the 30 year reunion and am looking forward to our class' 50TH BIRTHDAY celebration come the year 2002!