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Gini (Lloyd) Downing
Gini (Lloyd) Downing
Monrovia, CA
Posted 11/19/2000
Married 1973 to Ben Downing, still together, 2 kids -- Melissa (25) and David (23). I manage support personnel in a law office in Century City, still play the piano and keyboards (classical, new age, rock), am playing weekly in Ventura at a Christian coffee house called Vineyard House of Praise. Still love to read and write (thanks to Mrs. Johnson!!) Things change... My best to all.


Dennis Daugherty
Shirley, New York

Posted 12/21/2000
After graduation I joined the Army Air Defense because my draft number was close and I wanted to have a choice. They stationed me at a missile site in NY where I remained for 5 years. I met my loving wife of 27 years and remained in NY. I started to work in the home improvement business with one of my wife's uncles and then started my own company. Then in 1990 I had some health problems and the business was very slow so I decided to do something else. I went to work as a maintenance worker at the Hospital Health Center. Two years ago I received a promotion to the position as Facility Manager. I have three children and one grandson who makes me stay on my toes. I am an EMT-CC and Ex-Chief with the Shirley Community Ambulance for the past 8 years. Hope to see everyone at the 35th reunion.


Barry Galef
Silver Spring, MD

Posted 12/23/2000
I went to UCSC because the air was clear there and the hills were green -- and they didn't have grades.  I started as a physics major, thinking to be a HS teacher (What Bostrum did didn't look too hard . . . ) I switched to econ when all the physicists lost their jobs in '71 (and physics got too hard) -- graduated and went off to Yale, intending to come back to California to be a professor (saw a John Muir High decal on a car on the Jersey Turnpike on the way -- highlight of the trip!).  Got much of the way to my Ph.D., got married to a New York girl (who didn't want to come west), taught econ a few years, got turned down by UCSC for a professorship, moved to DC and got a job as an environmental economist.  Had a daughter (Julia) in 1983, and a son (Jesse) in 1986.  Very happy as a parent, saving money for college for the kids.  I show them my yearbook frequently, they think Muir was cool, and want to know what happened to everyone. 


Susan (Macabitas)

Los Angeles, CA

Updated 08/08/05
Life after graduation -Updated

31 years of marriage had a few ups and downs, but we're still together. I'm still at Caltech Public Relations and continue to enjoy working there. My grandchildren are the love of my life.  We are very close.  On my spare time I take dance lessons for the Argentine tango.  It's such a beautiful dance.  Last year I bought a 1970 "914" Porsche.  It's a work in progress, but I love driving it.

My adult children are now in the working world.  Joanna, 29 years old, a working mother and wife, she graduated last year from USC in the nursing program.  She works in the Oncology dept. at Children's Hospital, Los Angeles.  Everett, 25 years old, graduated at Art Center of Design in Illustration.  He is a graphic designer.  Jessica, 24 years old, works full time at lawyer's office and goes to school in the evening.  My two beautiful grandchildren are now 8 years old and soon to be 6 years old.  Early February 2006, I will have another grandchild.

What I want to do now is connect with my friends from my childhood to the present.  Going to the 35th reunion made realize how precious each and everyone of my friends are and I miss them.   So, Dora Chan and Claudia Blakee, I would love to hear from you.  No really!


Jim McCloud
Lakemont, Georgia

Updated 10/28/06
IPCC, then Geophysical Systems, then Univ. of Texas, Permian in Computers. then Univ. of Vermont, computer engineering then went to work at AT&T Bell Labs for 19 years, early retirement happens. after 2 months of playing the stock market, went back for another 7 years at Cox Enterprises and managed their corporate data center in Atlanta. taking an independent sabbatical and planning to practice my glider & airplane instrument flight instructor skills these coming years. My 2 grown boys are doing well in life. My older son is in electronics, my younger son sells computer software. Life is good when the kids are doing fine.

Sept. 06, we moved back to Pasadena to be close to family. I am sure nobody believes me yet, I talked about it for several years.