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Salaam Allah
(John Lowry 3rd)
Pasadena, CA

Posted 02/05/01
Working with the John Muir Alumni Drum Association since 1990!! I still have all of my archives as being the only student in John Muir high school history to maintain the history of the Drums Sections we took for granted when we were students there!! This includes an extensive video armada of all of our 1st place performances all over Southern California!! Such as the Sierra Madre parades, Black history parade, Martin Luther King, jr. parade in Los Angeles, reunion practices with full sections, even audio re-creations of stick performances 1965 to the 2001!!!! I am always here for further information! E-MAIL me at  jmada1970@yahoo.com. Look at our pictures. Yahoo clubs "JMADA THE BADDEST MARCHING DRUM SECTION IN THE WORLD!" And check out our gallery http://photos.yahoo.com/jmada1970 Now, all of us can enjoy our drum section again on VHS & CD !!

Marjorie Charles
Pasadena, CA

Posted 02/13/01
I attended P.C.C. and University of Redlands Whitehead College. I still reside in Pasadena. I have been working for the City of Glendale, California since 1974.  I am currently the Executive Legal Secretary for the City Attorney.  I have one daughter, Angelique, and two grandchildren, Daylyn and Kimani.  I haven't attended any reunions because I only heard about them after they were over.  I would love to see and hear from other classmates.

Matt Runnels

Fairfield, CA
Posted 02/19/01
Since leaving Muir I joined the air force in 1971 and retired in 1991 after 20 years. I have been married to my soul mate for 26 years. We both met while serving in the Air Force and have one daughter 27 years old who is employed with Southwest airlines. After my military retirement I went to work for Solano county, California, social services as a case worker and will be eligible for retirement in 2002. In 1998, I was ordained as a minister. I really enjoyed myself at the 20 year reunion and I'm looking forward to the 50th birthday party.    

Ann Watkins
Altadena, CA

Posted 02/23/01
I have two children, a daughter 23 years old and a son 13 years old.  Life so far has been filled with adventure and hopefully will continue to be in the future.

Robert Aicher
Sonoma, CA
Posted 08/11/01  What, this biography covering 31 years is supposed to fit in, like, six sentences? OK. I floundered at PCC for 2 years with a GPA sufficient to avoid the draft, moved in with our classmate, Kathy Heftman, transferred to Cal State LA, got a BA in Psychology, Kathy and I moved to San Francisco so I could go to Hastings Law School (with another of our classmates, Mike Nishiyama, coincidentally), Kathy and I got married in 1976, I graduated in 1977 and we divorced in 1978.
Like the geek that I still was, I shelved my law degree, followed my hormones and promptly remarried, producing a son in Feb. 1979, Adam who, blessedly, inherited only a few of his mother's qualities, but since he was born on my birthday, will always be special.
Adam's mother and I divorced in 1987, and after stocking shelves for 10 years, and through blind luck, I married a woman who recognized the diamond beneath the soot, encouraged my best qualities, and my decades of emotional and intellectual hibernation ended. Pierrette (yes, she's French) and I married in 1988, I resumed practicing law, and in 1997 we moved to Sonoma (still in California) where we built a Victorian that incorporates Pierrette's skin care salon and our house.
I am General Counsel to two international trade associations of plastic surgeons (I do that for money), an elected director of the Sonoma Valley Health Care District (just cookies and iced tea), a trustee of the Sonoma United Methodist Church (I'm still wondering), and I sing first tenor with the Sonoma County Men's Chorus (I do that for love).
I've been a complete bum about alumni events because I don't feel like I woke up until I was 35, and I barely remember anything of our John Muir years, so the 50th Birthday Bash has come at the right time!