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Kathleen M. Dunham
Kathleen M. Dunham
Oakridge, OR
Update 09/04/02:
Since I posted my bio sometime ago, many things have changed. I am single again (yippie, it's great!!) Moved to a new town; inherited a dog named Diggity; meeting new friends every day as I go walking around Oakridge; started playing hand drums -and getting good at my friends say... I am deeper in the mountains then in Eugene, so much more in the area to do. AND another bigger hot springs only 11 miles up the highway (oh, yes I still get naked - ha ha ha). I am going thru a lot of personal growth and I REALLY like the WOMAN I am becoming. You'd all be surprised - I am nothing like I was in high school except I am even a nicer person than I was then if that is possible.

Rudy Saulter
Rudy Saulter
Chino Hills, CA
Posted 12/15/01
Hello to everyone from the class of 1970. Time sure has flown by. I often reflect on the culture of the 70's and how we truly felt that we were living in and experiencing a special time in America. Of course, now we know that each day can be very special and life-changing.

Well, for the past 31 years I've been experiencing the challenges of life that includes: studies at our local colleges and universities, sharing my life with a marital partner, parenting, and vocational interests. Currently, I teach technology courses for the Pomona Unified School District, and Coach high school tennis. I hope to hear from members of my graduating class, and I wish all God's speed

Robert Franklin
Ventura, CA
Posted 12/17/01
After 20 years away in northern California (Humboldt County) hiding from civilization, I've returned to SoCal.  Living in Ventura, I have two young daughters, a wife, and work as a fisheries scientist (private consulting).  I have many fond memories of my days at Muir.  Drop me a line if you remember me.

Pat Dougherty
Pat Dougherty
Soquel, CA

Posted 01/20/02
I work now as a Childbirth Educator/Prenatal Fitness Expert and personal trainer and doula. My other love is music and I have a singing career in jazz and perform and have recorded. My son, Keith, is now 24 and just graduated from San Francisco State. My husband, Bill, and I live on the central coast of California (the "left" coast) and are loving life!!!!

Deirdre Ware
Deirdre (Darrow) Ware
Altadena, Ca
Posted 02/05/02
Life since graduation has given me one great marriage out of three, two adult children and a granddaughter. I still live in Altadena and work as a secretary at JPL. My husband and I visit Las Vegas frequently and enjoy traveling in the U.S. and abroad (specifically, Rio de Janeiro, Costa Rica, Italy, Australia, and hope to see Hong Kong later this year).