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Robert D. McBee
Tualatin, OR
Posted 02/20/02  Well, well!! It's been a gazillion years since I have seen some of your faces and what an exercise for the mind! After school was out I went to PCC to get my GED, after that I tried to enlist into the navy (twice) and the Army (once) but was not selected for medical reasons. I worked at a few odd jobs around town until I got a job working for Associated Bus Co. I drove school bus for a couple of years and in the interim I got married. Dee and I moved to Portland Oregon in '74 and I've only come back for a few visits to the family. Dee and I were married for 6 years and we had two children, a son Jason and a daughter Jennifer. I remarried in 83 to a lady named Donna, no children, and we had a small farm out in the hills east of Oregon City. I divorced Donna in '94 and moved back in with Dee to help raise the kids. She passed away 3 months later. So now the kids are full grown and on their own, for the most part. Jen has two little ones RJ (5), and Jasmine (3) which I see 4 nights a week as Jen is back in school. At work I'm a QC Manager/ Electronics Tech/ wannbe computer guru. The company that I work for builds traffic control equipment. My hobbies are fishing and my motorcycles, and riding any time I get the chance.

Linda Jankins
Linda Jankins
Pasadena, CA
Posted 02/20/02
Hello fellow alumnus. I have been quite busy these last 32 years. After high school I went to PCC/West LA College and finally the University of LaVerne. My major was Business Management and Para legal studies. I now have my own Entertainment Management Company (The Right Connection) and I work as an asst. student advisor in graduate studies at USC.

I am not married and never had children. That's enough about me for now. I'm looking forward to hearing about my former classmates.


Susan Hubert
Susan Hubert
Sierra Madre, CA
Posted 01/05/02
Graduated from Pacific Oaks with degree and credential in early childhood education. Married in 1977, created two children, Aaron 20 years old, and Jessica 18 years old. Divorced in 1999. Currently, Director of Religion and Campus Minister at Mayfield Junior School in Pasadena. Earned Masters in Education from UOP in Pasadena in January 2002. Mother, singer, cantor, wedding coordinator, teacher, guitarist...

Updated 08/28/10
An additional joy and blessing to my life...three year old, Kai LaRue, my awesome grandson!, and son of Jessica my daughter. Kai's spirit and love of life inspire and fill my soul.

Patricia (Parker) Mott
Patricia (Parker) Mott
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Visited 01/06/02
[Bio Info at a later date.]

Rick Livermore

Rick Livermore
Sierra Madre, CA
Posted 03/07/02
I used to have 2 dogs http://webmaster222.suripages.com/dogs/  We gave them away last year. I used to operate the Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship book table on the campus of Pasadena City College from 1971 to June 1972 in front of the Cafeteria.
Here is my classmates.com list:
Pasadena City College Student 1970-1972
Inland Christian Center College Student 1972-1975
San Bernardino Valley College Student 1974-1974
California State University Student 1972-1975
Keystone Automotive Industries Inc, Pomona, CA Accounting/Auditing 1979-presentLesco Manufacturing Co. Inc., Pasadena, CA Accounting/Auditing 1976-1977