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John Greenway
John Greenway
Carmel, CA
Posted 03/30/02
Hello Alumni. 

I live in Carmel Valley near the Monterey Bay. Not so far, I see, from the queen of "pep," Pat Daugherty. I remember her well. 

I teach 4th grade in Salinas and live a charmed life. I'd be happy to hear from some of my long lost friends, or from those who barely remember this nearly invisible (at the time) alum.

Larry Burton
Sylmar, CA
Posted 04/09/02
Hello Classmates, It's been a ride! Happy to say I am alive and well, not on parole and living a good life.
I have survived several incarnations in my career field as a Biomedical Engineer. I spent 5 years in the Air Force as a Medic, got out, got married, got divorced, got a degree, lived and worked in other cities for several years.
I met a wonderful woman 15 years ago and we are planning to marry (one of these days).
If I can be of help or assistance to you, don't hesitate to contact me. Take care of each other. Live and laugh!


Jerome Walters
Tokyo, Japan
Posted 05/23/02
I currently work for the Air Force in Tokyo Japan, where I've been for the last four years.  Prior to arriving in Tokyo, I lived in Maryland. I am divorce with 3 Children. I am due to arrive back to the states August 02.  Can't wait!

Joan Gally
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Posted 07/08/02
Graduated from UCSD with a BA in Chemistry with Specialization in Earth Science.  Worked in various jobs in and around Palm Springs for five years.  Moved to Del Mar and worked as a lab tech in the chemistry department at SDSU. I got my teaching credential in 1985 and have been teaching chemistry, science and math in international schools ever since - Guadalajara (2yrs), Casablanca, Morocco (10 years), Jakarta (3 years), and am presently at the American International School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I met my husband, Peter McLellan, in Casablanca (he was the physics teacher).  Peter is a Kiwi, so we bought a house in his hometown, Invercargill, New Zealand.  I always spend part of my summer vacations in Pasadena with my parents who still live in the same house on Mar Vista.
Updated 01/01/04
In August 2003, after having our jobs cut due to a loss of enrollment following the bombings in Riyadh in May, my husband and I moved back to New Zealand to live and teach until we venture overseas again. It is such a beautiful country, though, that we may never leave.

Linda (Stahl) Cofsky
Las Vegas, NV
Updated 07/31/03
Married and divorced twice (with 15 years of single motherhood in between); 2 grown sons (both from ex-hubby #1); Registered Nurse for 13 years; moved to Las Vegas in April 2003; still single this time around; still roller skate--roller dance, not roller derby; still play flute and clarinet--auditioned for Symphony in Vegas in May; love my job--I am a Nurse-Educator in my specialty (Nephrology Nursing & Dialysis)