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Elzennia Brown
Alta Loma, CA
Posted 6/16/03
Attended PCC from 1970 to 1972. Employed with United Airlines as a flight Attendant from 1972 to 1974. In November 1974 I began employment with California Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer. I retired on 12/07/02 as a Correctional Sergeant assigned to Background Investigations. I have three children, son Kevin age 24, daughter Lael age 19 and son in law, Devon age 20. I also have a grandson on the way in October. I am currently working on a part time basis for the Department to supplement my income. I am actively involved in the ministry. I am a Praise and Worship leader in my church, Abundant Harvest Christian Center located in Altadena.

Nancy (Hoggan) Diamant
Seal Beach, CA
Posted 08/25/02
I am currently the proud mother of 3 children--Erika, 23, Ashley, 20, and Sean, 16.
Bill Diamant and I have been married for thirty years now and enjoy living in Seal Beach.
I teach kindergarten for Cypress Schools.

Brynn (Dreyer) Matsen
Bickleton, WA
Posted 11/10/02
I'm married-24 years on Nov. 11th, and have 3 children: Mary-Averill, a junior at WSU; Duke, a sophomore at Gonzaga; and Tony, a freshman at Boise State.

I work as the Director of Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction and Federal Programs in the local School District.

My husband, Steve, is a wheat farmer in our small town of 90 people. I'm also in school-in the School Superintendent Certification Program and PhD program at Washington State University. I visit Pasadena once or twice a year, and will be there for Christmas 2002.

Cathlyne (Pyle) Talevich
Sierra Madre, CA

Posted 11/11/02  Heh. I was not a high-profile person at Muir. Life has been sweet, and often intense, since high school. I continued as an art major, went to PCC, marrying my still-hubby (whoa. 32 years!) in December 1970. We've undergone our educations together, and he has now been a chiropractor for 22 years; I was an opera singer for several years, and have moved on to working as a postural therapist, of all things! We have two truly wacky kids, Alek (24) and Ere (17) -- blessedly wacky. Actually, my life has been blessedly wacky! As my kids say, "It's alllll good." Yup.

(Ok, folks, I already asked what the heck was a "postural therapist" and here's what Cath said; "Heh. A "postural therapist," works on ouchy, achey bodies with chronic or accident-related problems, even pregnancies. Slow movements, designed to retrain muscle groups, and it's fun!)

Kris (Holmelund) Dallimore
Perth, Western Australia

Posted 11/19/02   Took off for Europe after graduating from Muir, with the intention of traveling for a year and coming back to go to college. Never came back!! Ended up in New Zealand married to a farmer on a high country sheep station. Learned heaps there, but moved on, without the farmer. More travel overseas and eventually ended up living in Australia. I finally went to University here, am an Australian citizen with 3 'aussie' children. Life has been FUN. My husband is a Dermatologist, I ended up a cyto-technologist ( so we can carry on a conversation! ) after trying hard to get into Vet school here in Perth. He is an avid windsurfer, and I still worship the beach, which is only 7 minutes from home. The kids ( 16, 14, 10) surf, windsurf, kite-surf, row (on the river) and I kayak. This city is all water recreation. I am sure Perth is where Eileen Johnson (class of 70) was from?? where are you Eileen?!