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Our Privacy Policy

In order to contact you, our Alumni, we collect and maintain personal information about you. As keepers of that information, we take this responsibility extremely serious. Therefore, it is our policy to safeguard that information by not divulging it to anyone without your specific permission. Your personal information is not kept anywhere on this website or on the server on which this website resides. If the website were compromised, your information would not be at risk. When a person or entity request information about you we will contact you before such a transaction occurs. If you decline, we simply refuse, without comment, to give that person or entity your information.

Who Gets the Information?-
Your personal information is used by the Alumni Committee to keep you informed. We also share this information with the John Muir High School Alumni Association. No other outside agent is provided this information unless specific permission is granted by you.

What is Published?-
The biographical page is the only source for information published about you. You gave permission to publish that at the time you provided the information to us, and you have the right to have it removed at anytime.

How are Inquiries Resolved?-
We are asked to provide e-mail or other information by those who wish to contact you as an "old friend". In these cases we will contact you  and provide you with their information. It is then up to you to pursue further contact with the person that requested it.
Only under written threat by law enforcement or government agency will we divulge your information without your permission to that agency (even then, under protest). So, if you're "wanted" by the FBI don't give us your data!

Our Philosophy-
We feel that with the concerns with personal privacy, that this is the best way for us to keep your information safe and still keep an avenue of sharing open. The charter of any Alumni association is to bring together old friends and classmates to celebrate times gone by. And to share new experiences and make old classmates into current friends. And to do all this without concerns of having your personal information spread throughout the Internet. We want to have and keep your trust with your personal information.

In closing-
So, if you haven't signed up on the biographical page because you didn't want your information plastered all over the Internet, let that be one less reason for you to be concerned. You may share only that which you wish to. There were over 500 classmates that marched across the Rose Bowl on that June day in 1970, we'd like to hear from a few more.